The Turkey Whisperer

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The Fun Police encountered this bizarre character that calls himself "The Turkey Whisperer" who claims the end of the world is near, extraterrestrial turkeys will have their vengeance, and copious amounts of blood will be spilt. Could he be right?

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My work is harder than a $40 bag of jawbreakers. Gobble

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Incoming transmissions.. quiet please

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Gobbler talk from the Gobbler Manifesto

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Giggle-giggle :)

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...odd, as how they don't generally make coffee in there a'tall...
if'n I ain't confused, I'm just not thinking clearly.

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Another fine convert to the cause
- gobble, gobble that!

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The Fun Police, chuck'n cans and apples at your tireless deputized tin-foil-regulator!

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...slicker than a greased squirrel on a mongolian barbecue!
- Gobble-Gobble!

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oh dear! Tell me when it's over!

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just a wee war wound :)

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A socio-logical-like experiment - that if you don't
find this a touch creepy, you may be the enemy!

Gobbler Manifesto

He gifted us with a warning

In this first episode, we meet The Turkey Whisperer. He tells it like it is, Tin-Foil style, going dumpster diving for supplies to make his protest-signs, and he babbles on about a whole lot of this and that.

In this Episode we get to meet the Turkey whisperer's documentary-compatriot and fellow Tin-Foil deputy, and together they hit the streets, and later, run afoul of the Fun Police while on a mission to speak candidly with one the Gobbler's many clandestine contacts from their former home-world and capital city of Gobbleropolis. a nutshell...

Left all to his lonesome for an evening, the Turkey Whisperer decides to make good on his promise to dish some of the true dirt as to the secret-origins of our dear turkey friends.
Warning: strong graphic turkey genocide!

In this episode, the Turkey Whisperer receives quite possibly the last transmission from the small voice for peace among the inflamed tempers of the Turkey republic.

Gobbler Talk

His final transmissions . . .

The last I heard, it was the nuns and gypsies who found him, moaned over his desperate wounds for four days and nights and sent him off on some fool quest... it's all the more I know and it's probably not true.
"people of zee world, relax" 



If it wasn't for the help of documentarian filmmaker turkeyfan447 spending two weeks with this great and noble man, we would have no idea what was to come.

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The Turkey Whisperer
Activist/Independent Researcher

Claims end of the world is near, extra-terrestrial turkeys will have their way.

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Documentary Filmmaker

Strong opinions on the turkey-apocalypse, Turkey Whisperer admired filmmaker's camera is always on.

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